2020 Prometheus Award Winner for AgTech & BioTech Company of the Year
Rantizo named Best Tech Startup 2021 by The Tech Tribune


Rantizo addresses both the field needs of farmers and the business needs of custom applicators with the platform’s combination of autonomous hardware and user-friendly software. We offer more than just drone spraying. Customize the components of our end-to-end solution to fit exactly what you need for your fields and your business.


Rantizo uses DJI drones at the core of our agricultural drone spraying platform. DJI is the market leader in the drone manufacturing industry and has over 70% of the market share worldwide. With our reputation for being the leader in drone spraying for agriculture, we intentionally wanted to work with the best.

We use the DJI Agras MG-1P currently, however, the Rantizo platform can easily adapt to other drone models should the market dictate that in the future.

Spray Upgrade Kit

Our Rantizo Spray Upgrade Kit combined with the DJI Agras MG-1P more than doubles the productivity of the drone by itself. The upgrades include enhancements to pumps and flow rates along with a 14 foot configurable boom extension that easily attaches and detaches from the drone.

Dry Spreader

Rantizo drone can do more than just apply liquid solutions to your field. Add additional revenue opportunities and ways to deliver solutions to your customers with the addition of our dry spreader tank. With a couple minutes and a few screws, swap out the liquid tank for a dry spreader attachment. Cover crop seeds, micronutrients, beneficial insects, etc. can all be deployed from the dry spreader.  

Contractor App

Field data, productivity calculations, job scheduling, billing, and application metrics all become as simple as a click of a button. Rantizo’s Contractor App for mobile devices makes it easy to run your business efficiently and profitably. Happy customers. Timely applications. Verified success. 

Load & Go Trailer

Store everything you need for application operations in one convenient place that you can take on-the-go. Rantizo’s Load & Go trailer is equipped with ample room for spare parts storage, work station, generator, water tank and multiple drone sprayers and accessories. Nimbleness and mobility get you where you need to go faster, with all the tools needed. Increase your serviceable area. Grow your customer base. Add more to your bottom line.

Rantizo Certified Training

While Rantizo drone sprayers are built for ease of use, safety of operation is still a crucial focus. Aerial pesticide application and National Airspace are two very serious components to the reality of drone spraying for agriculture. We don’t take them lightly. Rantizo provides a robust and complete training program facilitated by our Chief Pilot and Supervisor of Agricultural Operations. Training combines both the requirements of the FAA alongside tailored needs of each trainee to ensure safe, knowledgeable and legal operation of Rantizo drones.

Rantizo Care Support

Annual and monthly subscriptions for Rantizo Care Support are offered to all purchasers of Rantizo drone spraying equipment. This includes support and troubleshooting from the Rantizo technology team, spare parts access, firmware update notifications, and repairs.

Insurance & Billing

Rantizo provides access to all insurances needed for safe and legal operation of our drone sprayers. This includes chemical, liability, and hull underwriting to protect your equipment and your business. Customer billing and invoicing is offered as an additional service to Rantizo Application Services Contractors. Spend less time in the office and more time out flying & applying.

Ongoing Developments

Rantizo is more than just drone spraying. Our core business starts with an agricultural spray drone, but is on track for many exciting new and complementary components, as well. Electrostatic sprayers and cartridge dispensed agrichemicals are near-term developments Rantizo plans to roll out for precise, safe, and cost effective drone-based in-field applications. Stay tuned!



“I wanted to work with Rantizo from the second I heard about them. They have created a great thing and I’m proud to be part of it. Bringing drone spraying to my area will allow me to be in the field when ground rigs can’t and help sustain agriculture while I’m at it.”


Application Services Contractor (Minnesota)

“Rantizo offers a unique opportunity for me to combine my Air Force experience with my passion for agriculture. Whether it is applying fungicide for local farmers, pesticide for municipalities or even sanitizer for event stadiums, Rantizo is able to offer an innovative and economical solution to a variety of consumers.”


Application Services Contractor (Wisconsin)

“Mobility, precision and timing are the three biggest things that make a drone the most ideal type of applicator for crop protectants. Drones won’t drive over crop like a ground rig might and drones are more maneuverable around obstacles than other types of aerial applicators. Application height and speed make drones just as precise if not more precise than a ground rig, especially if the drone is using completely autonomous flights. Now as far as timing goes, drones like any other aerial applicator can spray as soon as the leaves are dry without any worry about making tracks or adding compaction to the field.”

Pinnacle Group

Application Services Contractor (Iowa)

“I think the value in drone spraying comes from a few different things: there is no crop damage from turning or running down rows with a ground rig and you’re able to get out and apply right after a rain for more timely application. A drone can accurately apply in inaccessible areas such as pastures and around obstacles too.”


Application Services Contractor (South Dakota)

“I wanted to expand my drone business and bring a new and upcoming way to manage crop health with drone spaying to my local community of Benton County, Indiana. I felt working with Rantizo was the best way to do that.”


Application Services Contractor (Indiana)

“By using a drone to apply pesticides it is easy and quick to get in and spray small acreages and pastures. Not leaving a footprint in the field allows for more time spraying when the ground is wet. I wanted to work with Rantizo because well, let’s face it, it is pretty cool to be able to use drones to spray and apply cover crops. Having the ability to start your own business while having the support and backing of Rantizo is huge. Rantizo helps take the guess work and stress out of it so you can get right to work. ”


Application Services Contractor (Nebraska)

“I joined Rantizo to help farmers receive top of the line technology to help increase crop yield. Drones provide a more cost effective application service to broadcast or spot treat, depending on what the farmer needs. Rantizo keeps reinventing new ways to help increase crop coverage while applying the rules provided by the FAA.”


Application Services Contractor (Oregon)

“At Pickering Family Farms, we believe in technology, sustainability, and efficiency to drive our family farm. Rantizo’s revolutionary drone spraying technology helps accomplishes all three goals for us. We are excited to use it on our farm and use it to spray for others, helping farmers save chemical costs.”


Application Services Contractor (Illinois)

“This year I sprayed some Bur Cucumber in a tasseled cornfield for a customer. He only had a few small 1-5 acre patches inside of a large field. He called me 3 days later and said  ‘Hey, I walked out and checked it, the cucumber is all brown and dead! That drone worked pretty slick for that.’ I will say, a phone call like that makes your day.”


Application Services Contractor (Iowa)

“I was impressed with the modifications Rantizo made to the DJI Agras MG-1P drone that increases spraying efficiency and coverage area. Rantizo’s goal to deliver solutions is evident in its qualified teams’ commitment to continually improve and introduce new products and services to its customers. I recently purchased a new RTK Agras Drone, completed the Rantizo pilot certification program and look forward to working with Rantizo to build my business.”


Application Services Contractor (Wisconsin)