Rantizo custom drone application in a field


Fly & Apply with Rantizo.

Rantizo does more than sell industry-leading agricultural drone sprayers; we offer a complete, turnkey system designed specifically to get your commercial drone spraying operation division up and running in no time. From cutting-edge equipment to comprehensive support — our complete sales packages have everything you need to Fly & Apply.

Starter Package

Get your drone spraying business off the ground with the Rantizo Starter Package.

If you’re new to agricultural drone sprayers, the Rantizo Starter Package is a good place to begin.

Perfect for:

  • Ag retailers with 1-2 locations
  • Crop consultants
  • Seed or chemical dealers

It has everything you need for single-drone operation.

Use the Starter Package for:

  • Small fields
  • Fence lines, waterways and buffer zones
  • Hard-to-access or difficult terrain

Stay on the cutting edge while delivering the latest in precision applications to your customers with the Starter Package.

Business Package

Reach more customers and cover more ground with the Rantizo Business Package.

Do you have a well-established retail or custom application businesses? If so, the Rantizo Business Package may be right for you.

Ideal for:

  • Regional retailers
  • Multi-location independent retailers
  • Noxious weeds contractors

Fly two agricultural drone sprayers independently or divide and conquer.

Use the Business Package for:

  • Small- to mid-sized fields
  • Spot spraying and site-specific applications
  • Hard-to-access or difficult terrain

Add more options to your toolbox and offer more flexibility to your customer base with the Business Package.


Not sure where to start? Contact us for help determining the right Rantizo drone system for your operation.


Rantizo equipment is a combination of state-of-the-art technology, innovative features and rugged hardware.

DJI Agras T-30 drone for agricultural
  • DJI Agras T30 — Large and in charge workhorse drone for agricultural applications. Fully loaded this drone can carry up to 170 lb.


Support for our application services contractors goes well beyond the sale of our equipment — Rantizo’s support and training programs are truly one of the ways we set ourselves apart, and we take it to heart. We don’t just sell you equipment, we help you use it. Afterall, your success is our success!

Rantizo Care Support is offered to application services contractors and includes:

  • Liability, comprehensive and chemical insurance
  • Regulatory consultation and state licensing assistance
  • Billing services and record keeping
  • Productivity enhancements and firmware updates
  • Technical support and replacement part discounts
  • Field ops coordination and continuing education

Our support package covers everything critical to operating and offering a safe and efficient commercial drone applications service. We’ve thought of everything you need to Fly & Apply, so you don’t have to!

Rantizo Certified Training completion is required for all application services contractors. Rantizo offers both single-drone and swarming training curriculum, all of which meets FAA requirements for operating the Rantizo drone system for precision commercial applications.

Our training is designed for pilot and operational success as a Rantizo application services contractor. During our 2-day course, trainees learn pre- and post-flight operations such as mission planning and execution; and system assembly, transportation and calibration. You also have access to business, marketing and operational training on how to incorporate Rantizo into your existing or new agribusiness.