As winter weather approaches in some parts of the U.S., Rantizo Contractors are storing their drones away for the season. These tips will guide you through how to properly store your drone sprayer for the winter.

There are five main groups of parts and equipment to know about your drone. Each group has their own considerations when it comes to proper storage.

Spraying components

The spraying components of your drone consist of two subsets.

The first:

  • Nozzle caps
  • Tips
  • Gaskets
  • Check-valves
  • Diaphragms

All of these spraying components of your drone should be removed, cleaned, and stored in a climate-controlled area. This will keep the seals from deteriorating.

The second:

  • Tank
  • Pumps
  • Filters

To prepare these spray components for winter storage you’ll want to make sure to clean the tank of your drone with a tank cleaning solution or neutralizer. Additionally, ensure all caps and filters are removed so that everything can air dry completely.

Next, let the pumps run dry for about ten seconds.

Store all spray components in a climate-controlled area.

Drone and Remote Control

It’s common sense to clean the drone itself when preparing for winter storage, but don’t forget about the remote control too! Both, should be wiped cleaned and stored in a climate-controlled area. Maintain a temperature between 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.


The next tip is very important! Do not drain your drone batteries to zero.

Rantizo support technicians suggest the best practice is to charge the batteries to full, and then store them in a climate-controlled area.

The internal computer in the batteries will slowly drain them until they reach approximately 50% charge. This is the optimum charge level for long term storage.

Battery Chargers

Battery chargers for your drone sprayer batteries should be stored in a climate-controlled area.

Dry Spreader Attachment

The dry spreader attachment for your drone sprayer should also be wiped clean and stored in a climate-controlled area.

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