This page contains links to the Rantizo Equipment mobile application.

Instructions and documentation for usage of the application will be provided at the bottom of this page.


Current Version: 1.0.3+5

Updated: 6-21-2021 (June 21st)


This process only pertains to the Rantizo Equipment app. To install the Rantizo Contractor app, please search for the app on the Play Store (Android) and the AppStore (iOS).


If you are experiencing issues for the Rantizo Contractor app, contact Rantizo Support – [email protected]

The following bullet points will help install the Rantizo Equipment application, which is used to connect to Rantizo’s Bluetooth devices, such as the Upgrade Kit and the Mix & Fill.

  • If you already have an “Equipment” application, feel free to delete that application at anytime; these apps can both be installed at the same time.
  • You can check this page for future updates of the Rantizo Equipment app, but we will send out notifications through email to notify you of major updates.
  • For Android:

    • On your device, go to this link:
    • If you get an error, uninstall the current version of Rantizo Equipment that you have installed.
    • If you see “For your security, your phone is not allowed…” or “Allow from Unknown Sources…”:
  • For iOS (iPhone) Users:

    • You will only need to do this process once; this process gets your iPhone enrolled in our testing program so you can get updates.
    • Find out what email address is logged in to your iPhone. In other words, find the email associated with Apple Account.
    • The easiest way to do this:
      • Open the AppStore app on your iPhone
      • You will see a icon like this in the top right of your screen (or if you have customized your apple account’s profile image, you will see it there)

        Find Profile in Top Right of AppStore Screen

      • Tap that icon, and you will see your name and email associated with your apple account:
        Find Email associated with your iPhone
      • In the contact form below, enter your first and last name, AND your Apple Account’s email into the form below:

Apple Account Information

15 + 3 =

      • Please allow up to 1 business day to receive an email from Apple inviting you to install the Equipment app.
      • Next, go to the AppStore and install the TestFlight app.
      • Now wait for an invitation email to be sent to the email address you supplied.  
      • Once you receive the email, accept the invite by clicking “Accept” inside the email from Apple.
      • After accepting the invitation, you will be directed to the TestFlight app. (if not, just go to the app yourself).
      • Navigate through the screens to get the application installed.

Troubleshooting issues:

  • With any questions, please contact [email protected].
  • Restart your phone, and open the app again
  • If your Android phone has issues seeing your Upgrade Kit, try enabling NFC in your phone settings.

Important Documents: