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The sky’s the limit with Rantizo.

Rantizo is revolutionizing in-season field operations with agricultural drone spraying services. Our licensed and certified application services contractors can leverage crop and field data established by your agricultural data platforms. From there, they can deliver inputs precisely when and where you need them. Whether you need liquid or dry applications, we have you covered. We can Fly & Apply everything from pesticides to micronutrients, as well as interseed cover crop seeds, and even deploy beneficial insects.

Versatile, precise, cost-efficient agricultural drone spraying services

Rantizo technology can be used for virtually any crop, and is particularly favorable for high-value, low-acre specialty crops, such as hemp, berries and vineyards. Spot spraying, site specific applications, and hard to access areas are an excellent way to utilize drone applications for high-acre, commodity crops.

Ideal for unfavorable terrain, hard-to-access areas, test plots, field edges or anywhere else precision application methods are needed, Rantizo agricultural drone spraying services deliver timely application even after adverse weather. Less soil compaction, crop damage and wasted product keep costs down and improve profitability opportunities. What’s more, our contractors have FAA approval and chemical applicator’s licensing to legally Fly & Apply for you.

Rantizo bills by the hour rather than by the acre, which aligns best with our method of balancing better results with cost-effective applications.

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